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Hemorrhoids or anus varicose veins are often and irritating ailment. They appear in a form of a small vacular structures filled with blood. They cause discomfort and anus dysfunction.


Hemmorrhoids – reasons for occurrence

The main reasons for occurrence is a sedentary lifestyle, low-fibre siet, genes, hypertension, obesity, aging, lack of physical activity.

Ilness’ stages

This disease may be divided into four stages:

  1. Hemorrhoids appear in the anal canal. Minor bleeding may appear from time to time.
  2. Hemorrhoids prolapse while pushing and spontaneously enter the canal. Sever itching and burning appears.
  3. Hemorrhoids do not spontaneously return to the canal.  The feeling of pain appears in addition.
  4. Hemorrhoids permanently prolapse from the canal. Some watery discharge and fecal incontinence appears in addition. 

Hemorrhoids’ treatment


The treatment of hemorrhoids should be started right upon their occurrence. The high-fibre diet, physical exercise and proper therapy is of crucial importance. A patient should visit the specialist first. One of the most effective medical device is Anurex. This is a plastic applicator

Leczenie hemoroidów

filled with a cooling liquid which enables to maintain low temperature for a long time. The applicator should be kept in the refrigerator before the treatment. When applied into a pathologically changed area, it causes immediate relief. The swelling decreases and itching subsides. 

The treatment of hemorrhoids is a long-term process, however, by means of Anurex, the patient may decrease the symptoms or achieve the total recovery.

Hemorrhoids’ symptoms

Some typical symptoms of the occurrence of hemorrhoids are: severe itching and burning of the anal area, minor bleeding accompanying the process of incontinence (light red blood), effusion, mucus in the anus as well as the feeling of incomplete incontinence.  Some symptoms may occur simultaneously.